Equity Financial Trust is now Haventree Bank

Our new name represents the first step on a path of innovation to bring new products and solutions to our customers.

How does the name change affect you?

Although our name has changed, your account remains the same and
will be unaffected by this change. Future correspondence with us will show
as Haventree Bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any impact on my deposit insurance coverage?

No. All deposits that were made with Equity Financial Trust, will have the same deposit insurance coverage with Haventree Bank.

Will my maturity cheques be from Equity Financial Trust or from Haventree Bank?

All maturity cheques will be issued by Haventree Bank, even for deposits that were made prior to the name change.

Will my existing GIC certificate be re-issued in the name of Haventree Bank?

No, the existing certificate is still valid. Only GICs issued after June 11, 2018 will be in the name of Haventree Bank.

If you have any questions regarding the change,
please contact by mail, phone or email at:

Phone Us

Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm
Toll Free: 1.855.272.0050
F: 416.342.0590

Mail or Courier

If you would like to send us physical mail, you can use the mailing address below.

Haventree Bank
P.O. Box 1160 Stn TD
Toronto, ON M5K 1P2

Email Us

If you have any questions regarding the site, our products and services, or any comments or concerns regarding Haventree Bank in general, please feel free to email at the general inquiries email below.

Reminder: If your request requires the disclosure of confidential, account or personal information, please call us or use our secure feedback form. Do not send personal or account information by email.

Complaint Handling

Haventree Bank cares about the quality of service provided to its clients. If you have a complaint about service received from Haventree Bank, we encourage you to let us know.
Complaint Handling

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