Auto-Valuation Model (AVM)

The Property Auto-Valuation Program replaces the need for a full appraisal and reduces the time it takes for a deal to fund. Depending on whether your deal meets specific eligibility criteria, it may eliminate the need for a full appraisal by replacing it with a supported property valuation based on previously collected location data.

Program Details

Loan type eligibility
  • Refinance
  • Purchases (does not include private sales, rent-to-own or new construction)
Loan to ValueMaximum of 80%
  • FICO from 0-609, max LTV is 50%
  • FICO 610+ max LTV is 80% (based on highest FICO of borrowers/guarantors)
Loan AmountMaximum loan $1,000,000
Property ValueMaximum of $1,500,000
Property and Location

Owner Occupied Properties located in:

  • Major urban areas in Ontario and British Columbia
  • Alberta - Calgary and Edmonton only
  • Manitoba - Winnipeg only
  • Nova Scotia – Greater Halifax area
  • Québec - Greater Montréal Area

*Excludes postal codes with an FSA (lending area) containing a zero