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Follow the FEARLESS.


With the wildfires burning across Canada, our thoughts are with the communities and families that have been impacted by these natural disasters.

We understand the importance of timely assistance during times of crisis, and if you or your properties have been impacted by these events, our teams are ready to support you.

Please contact our Servicing team at or call 1.855.272.0051 for assistance.

Helping Make Home Ownership Attainable

Welcome to Haventree Bank. We see the potential in hard-working Canadians like you. We help brokers and borrowers find flexible mortgage solutions. Our goal is to be the first choice in the non-/near-prime mortgage market.

Why Choose Haventree Bank?

First of all, we aren’t your typical mortgage lenders. We want to work with you to understand your story. Trust, understanding and communication are our key ingredients that will help the process moving to find a mortgage right for you.


We are for the grinders. We are for those who get knocked down but get back up again. We know they are the ones with potential. Your Broker and our experienced Haventree Bank team will listen to your story and work alongside you to help set you up for success. By dealing directly with Mortgage professionals who have the authority to act, decisions are swift and accurate.

Personalized Package Options

At Haventree Bank, we understand that each client has different mortgage needs. They are not binary code. They are human. By working directly with you, brokers and our underwriters will develop personalized options applicable to your specific situation.

Flexible Terms / Underwriting

Isn’t it time for a bank to be flexible? Our team will work with you and your Broker to find the best mortgage product that fits your situation. With a keen knowledge of the market, we will provide terms that allow flexibility and choice.

Customer Service

Dedication to listening to your story and knowing your full potential is the driving force behind our business. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Client Centre

Haventree Bank is setting a new benchmark in today’s Alternative Lending space. We specialize in offering mortgage solutions for borrowers who do not satisfy the underwriting criteria of other mortgage lenders. If you are in business for yourself, have bruised credit or new to Canada, get in touch with a mortgage broker near you.

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Broker Centre

As a broker, you can directly access information and documentation that will help with your clients’ mortgage needs. Our experienced team will work with you to understand your client’s story with a commitment to help you get your deal approved and funded.

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Deposit Services

Already an investor and looking for competitive rates on GICs above $5,000? We are CDIC insured and our team of partners will work with you or your advisor to see how Haventree Bank’s GICs are right for your investment portfolio.

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Haventree Bank is a Member of Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC)