Seniors Code of Conduct

Our Commitment to Seniors

Haventree Bank is dedicated to supporting and helping our senior clients with an easy and safe banking experience.

We have created a Seniors Code of Conduct to help protect our senior clients from financial vulnerabilities and possible abuse, fraud, or scams. All Haventree Bank employees are required to understand and follow this code.

Here is how we are working to create a safe and easy banking experience for you:

Seniors ChampionWe have a designated Seniors Champion who is part of our Executive Team. The Champion ensures that the unique vulnerabilities facing seniors are understood across the organization and situations are recognized where we can help safeguard their financial interests.
Employee TrainingIt is important that our senior clients have a safe and secure banking experience. Our employees are an integral part of how Haventree Bank protects senior clients. Training is provided to all employees to help them identify financial abuse, fraud, and scams.
Employee ResourcesEmployees have access to various resources to help guide them through different scenarios when interacting with our senior clients. Examples include ways to identify when senior clients may be in a vulnerable situation.
Information for SeniorsHaventree Bank strives to provide its services in a way that respects the dignity and independence for all clients, including seniors. We are committed to providing seniors the same opportunity to access and benefit from our services in a similar way as other clients.

Please contact us to request information in an alternative format if required.

As a member of the Canadian Bankers Association, we are guided by the Code of Conduct for Delivery of Banking Services to Seniors. It recognizes that some issues will not affect all seniors and that certain issues may affect a higher proportion of seniors than individuals in other age groups. Learn more here.

Your Money Seniors Series – Financial Literacy

Please watch the video below to discover some ways seniors can protect themselves from financial abuse, fraud, and scams. The Canadian Bankers Association has also designed free financial education programs for Canadian seniors; visit their website to learn more.