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Discover your Mortgage Options

Life can be unexpected, plans change, and budgets adjust - and that’s okay. We know you work hard, and we think your mortgage shouldn’t be difficult.

As you re-evaluate your mortgage needs, our team of mortgage specialists can work with you to find the best solution. So, whether your maturity date is approaching, or you want to leverage the equity in your home to access funds, pay off debt, invest in your business, or make improvements to your home, – We are here to help.

We will walk you through the process and help you to understand the different options available. Select which best describes your situation for additional information and learn how to connect with us.

I’m a Haventree Bank client, and my maturity date is approaching.
I have an existing mortgage, and I’m looking to either make a change to the term or leverage equity in my home.
I’m looking to buy a home.
Purchase a home

To learn more about consumer mortgage loans, please visit the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada or the Canadian Bankers Association. For additional questions or if you require live assistance from a mortgage servicing specialist call 1.855.272.0051.