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To each their own mortgage. Haventree Bank offers alternative residential mortgage solutions tailored to individual situations – because we know that most lives are full of ups and downs. Which is why we listen closely to each customer. With a wide network of mortgage brokers, you’ll find a trusted professional who’ll work closely with you to find the right solution for your mortgage needs. Our mortgage brokers are fully licensed, and have extensive experience and knowledge to help you secure the best mortgage for your personal or professional requirements.

Business For Self

Do you have your own business? Are you finding financing challenging for your home loan? If you are a sole proprietor, in a partnership, or are incorporated, Haventree Bank has flexible mortgage solutions specifically suited to your needs. We offer one to five (1-5) year terms with very competitive rates.

Bruised Credit

You’re not alone. When life events play havoc with your mortgage needs – job loss, divorce, illness, etc. – Haventree Bank is here to help you with alternative residential mortgage solutions that’ll get you back on your feet in no time. Consult one of our mortgage brokers today and he or she will expertly structure a program with a mortgage solution designed to help you repair your credit quickly.

Thin or No Credit

Being new to the world of credit shouldn’t stop you from meeting your dreams of home ownership. At Haventree Bank, our mortgage brokers know the challenges you can face when securing a loan without a strong credit history. Contact our mortgage brokers to learn how you can be on the way to securing an alternative residential home mortgage today.

Why Choose Haventree Bank?

First of all, we are great listeners and collaborators. Trust, responsiveness and performance are our key ingredients that’ll help you get the job done.


We’re for the grinders – your clients who get knocked down but get back up again. Because they’re the ones with potential. We know. We have an experienced team that’ll get to know your business thoroughly and work alongside you to accomplish what needs to be done. By dealing directly with mortgage professionals who have the authority to act, decisions are swift and accurate.

Personalized Package Options

At Haventree Bank, we understand that each client’s needs are different. They are not binary code. They are human. By working directly with you, our brokers and underwriters will develop personalized options applicable to your clients’ specific circumstances.

Flexible Terms

Isn’t it time for a bank to be flexible? Our team will work with you in selecting the most favourable terms for your clients. With a keen knowledge of the market, we’ll provide terms that enable flexibility and choice.

Customer Service

Dedication to the full potential of our clients is the driving force behind our business. As the company is organized around your needs, customer service is our first priority. With a range from common sense to out-of-the-box approaches, we want to help grow your business. Feel free to Contact us at any time.

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“I have been with this bank for almost 2 years. I have renewed my mortgage with them a second time. They have been great to deal with! Always helpful. Definitely recommend.”

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