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Accessibility Statement

At Haventree Bank we value and prioritize the dignity and independence of people with disabilities. Our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity for persons with disabilities aligns with the principles outlined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

This Accessibility Plan outlines the measures we have taken and will continue to take to ensure accessibility and meet the needs and requirements of individuals with disabilities through our customer service and employment practices.

All policies and procedures at Haventree Bank have been developed to promote the respect, dignity, and independence of all individuals, including people with disabilities. Should anyone encounter a policy or procedure that impedes these principles, they will be reviewed, modified, or removed.

Message from the CEO

On behalf of Haventree Bank, I want to emphasize the importance of accessibility in our organization. As a bank, we are committed to creating an environment that welcomes and respects all individuals, including those with disabilities.

We recognize that accessibility is not only a legal requirement, but also a moral and ethical imperative. We believe everyone deserves equal access to our products, services, and facilities, regardless of their physical or mental abilities.

To achieve this goal, we are actively taking steps to identify and address any accessibility barriers in our organization. This includes conducting accessibility assessments, implementing policy changes, upgrading technology, making physical modifications, and providing employee training on accessibility issues.

However, we recognize that there is still much work to be done. We must continue to prioritize accessibility and ensure that it is fully integrated into our organizational culture, policies and practices.

I urge all employees and clients to join us in embracing accessibility as a core value and working together to identify and address accessibility barriers in all aspects of our day-to-day lives. By doing so, we can create a more inclusive and accessible workplace that promotes equal opportunity and respect for all.


Haventree Bank is committed to taking steps to initiate formal consultations by conducting surveys and focus groups within the next six months. While the bank has not received any complaints regarding its handling of situations involving individuals with disabilities, we recognize the potential existence of barriers that require our attention and commitment to resolution. Moreover, the bank will proactively conduct accessibility assessments, research best practices, and provide employee training on accessibility issues. As part of informal efforts, the bank has encouraged employees with disabilities to come forward and share their experiences and recommendations to enhance their overall experience at the Bank.


Areas Described Under Section 5 of the Accessible Canada Act (Act)