Current Nominee Deposit Rates

Interest rates offered by Haventree Bank are updated frequently and changes can occur at any time. Rates are dependent on term and the frequency of payment. Our rates are posted on CANNEX and we advise our agents of all rate changes.

Effective: 1/25/2022. Rates are subject to change without notice.
Unless otherwise stated all rates are quoted per annum.

Interest Paid
TermMinimum DepositMaturityAnnuallySemi‐AnnuallyMonthly
12 Months$5,000.004.95%4.95%4.85%4.75%
24 Months$5,000.004.35%4.35%4.25%4.15%
36 Months$5,000.004.15%4.15%4.05%3.95%
48 Months$5,000.004.05%4.05%3.95%3.85%
60 Months$5,000.004.05%4.05%3.95%3.85%
30-59 Days$10,000.000.1%
60-89 Days$10,000.000.15%
90-179 Days$10,000.001.1%
180-269 Days$10,000.002.01%
270-364 Days$10,000.002.36%