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Q: When can I start using the Program’s services?

A: Your coverage will begin on your mortgage closing date, provided you enroll in the Encompass Home System Warranty Program when you sign your Haventree Bank mortgage commitment or renewal documents.

Q: Do I need to have my home inspected to qualify?

A: No. Haventree Bank clients are able to participate in the Program on a pre-approved basis. No inspection is required, although it is a requirement that all home systems are in working order at the time of mortgage closing or maturity (in the case of a mortgage renewal).

Q: Do I pay for the repair services myself and then get reimbursed?

A: No. You’ll pay only the $50 consultation fee / deductible.

Q: What kind of services are included?

All electrical and mechanical parts, including gas, oil and central electric heating systems, gas or electric fireplace inserts, space heaters and baseboard heaters affixed to walls, central or permanently installed air conditioners (not window-installed units), heat and circulating pumps; and for condominiums, we cover all parts of the fan coil unit located within the condo unit.

All switches, circuits, breaker panels and fuse boxes.

All parts, including the water if owned by you, including the water heater tank, burner, all valves, electric fittings and other mechanical parts (rental units not covered).

Any water, gas, drain, vent or waste pipe that is blocked, leaking or broken (excluding toilets, clogged sinks, and leaks from taps, showers or tub controls). Limitations may apply if the source of the problem is outside your home; e.g. a cracked sewer main.

Q: What kinds of services are not included?

A: The Program is designed to provide repair services for spontaneous breakdowns of your home’s systems. It does not include services for problems where the underlying cause is:

  • Rust or corrosion;
  • An external factor including natural events, electrical events and/or caused by a person;
  • Failure to perform normal maintenance as specified by the manufacturer;
  • Improper installation, improper use, improper construction, alteration, modification, addition to or deletion from any home system or used in a manner other than as approved or recommended by the manufacturer;
  • Inadequacy or lack of capacity of any item;
  • Freezing or heating of a plumbing system;
  • Structural defects, latent defects and/or asbestos, lead or the disposal of refrigerants, contaminants or other hazardous materials;
  • Any dishonest act;
  • Violations of building codes or by-laws.

We also don’t cover any consequential loss or damage, or anything else that is already covered by your home-owner’s insurance policy. If you live in a condo, we don’t cover loss or damage to or from other condo units or common areas, or any other loss or damage that is the responsibility of your condominium corporation.

Case Studies

In the case of the Burke family, the heat transfer coil on the Burkes’ heating system failed, leaving them with no heat. The repair would have cost them about $1,800, but the Burkes paid only the $50 consultation fee. The Encompass Home System Warranty Program covered the rest.

In another case, the three-way lighting circuit on the stairway of the Da Silvas’ older home failed and the electrician was having problems finding the broken wire. The Encompass Home System Warranty Program arranged to install a new three-way system, which would have cost the Da Silvas almost $1,000.

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