Auto-Valuation Model (AVM)

Speed up your application by leveraging our AVM program and eliminate the need for a full appraisal in many areas across the Country.

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Appraisal Best Practices

Here is a brochure with tips on preparing your client for their appraisal appointment.

Please re-assure them that you will be in contact with them once you get the final report and that the appraiser will not be able to give them the value on the spot.

Appraisal Requirement

This document is an agreement for appraisers. It identifies the information that Haventree Bank requires in each appraisal.

Approved Appraisers List

Approved Appraiser Listing - AB, SK, MB

Approved Appraiser Listing - BC

Approved Appraiser Listing - ON

Approved Appraiser Listing – NS

Approved Appraiser Listing – QC