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Approved Appraiser List

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Tips on preparing your client for an appraisal appointment

Here is a brochure to give to your client on preparing them for their upcoming schedule appraisal appointment. A home appraisal is an analysis and the home visit is only one part of the process. Although homeowners are not required to accompany the appraiser during the visit, it is recommended they be present during the property inspection and be available to answer any questions afterwards.

Key points to keep in mind prior to inspection:

  • Housekeeping: Tidying up will help as the inspector will take photos during the visit
  • Maintenance: Repairing minor things like leaky faucets, missing door handles, trim and broken windows will help the home show well
  • Accessibility: Ensure all areas of the interior and exterior are made available for the appraiser to access like the attic or crawl space

Please re-assure them that you will be in contact with them once you get the final report and that the appraiser will not be able to give them the value on the spot.

Appraisal Best Practices